Understanding the Real Realities

While making an attempt to understand the prime realities underlying human relationships, I arrived at a few conclusions which sound easy though little uneasy it makes us feel. Why not the process start from controlling human anger was my question. Yes, again I am taking you to the same space of your mind where youContinue reading “Understanding the Real Realities”

Education: Weary with toil, I haste me to my bed…

As the face of the world is shaping into an unfamiliar one, I wish the newly shaped face has something to tell us about the much needed changes in the arena of education, also. Whatever I am analysing here is specially imaginable from an Indian’s perspective, as there are changes in the system of educationContinue reading “Education: Weary with toil, I haste me to my bed…”

E for Elephant:Edition 2

Nearly three kilo metres away from the temple of Guruvayur, there situated is an elephant sanctuary which has been developed into one of the largest elephant sanctuaries of India. Maintained by the temple board for taming and training the elephants for the requirements of the temple , Punnathoorkotta, is a sanctuary exclusively for elephants, thoughContinue reading “E for Elephant:Edition 2”

The Temple of Guruvayur: An abode of Lord Vishnu on Earth

OM NAMO NARAYANAYA: Twenty eight kilo meters away from the town of Thrissur, there is a sacred small town called Guruvayur, which became internationally famous because of its temple and its miraculous deity. Having built 5000 years ago, the temple is so overcrowded that darshan becomes hardly a reality except on Tuesdays and Fridays. NotContinue reading “The Temple of Guruvayur: An abode of Lord Vishnu on Earth”

Elephant Mania: Edition 1

Indian(Asian) elephants, listed as endangered species, due to the considerable deduction in their numbers, are widely reared in the Indian state of Kerala. The emblem of the government of Kerala has two elephants in it as it’s the state animal. Survey says the state has around 3000 wild elephants which is the third highest inContinue reading “Elephant Mania: Edition 1”

Death: The Undesired Guest

Have you ever envisaged the weird ways you’re going to receive a frightful guest like death when it comes at a time which is most unlikely to you?Can you evict the entire situation just by trying to convince your Master vocalising ‘No, I am not ready yet.’ Throwing tantrums on a such a dreadful fellowContinue reading “Death: The Undesired Guest”