Unwinding Temples: Kadampuzha Devi Temple.

South India’s temples unveil a lot of history for sure, they also unmask a lot of unheard, untold stories taking any devotee by surprise and stunned by the spectrum of their own little knowledge. They are enticing places anyone would love to visit . While the temple series continues, here is another Goddess temple, situatedContinue reading “Unwinding Temples: Kadampuzha Devi Temple.”

Unwinding Temples: Goddess Temple, Kodungallur.

A good number of theists might have heard about Chottanikkara Goddess Temple, but nothing much about an equally powerful deity, Sri Kurumba Bhagavathy (Bhadrakali) of Kodungallur. This temple is situated in the vicinity of Kerala’s cultural capital, Thrissur(dist), to be precise Kodungallur, around 40 kilo meters away from Thrissur. One of the traditional temple structureContinue reading “Unwinding Temples: Goddess Temple, Kodungallur.”

Women and Writing-A Mind of One’s Own

-Inspired by Virginia Woolf’s ‘A Room of One’s Own’. ‘A woman must have a money and a mind of her own if she has to write’. I stand by this sentence slightly amended according to my reasoning. Money, for realising her dreams of serious writing into a reality, financial support actually makes them think independent,Continue reading “Women and Writing-A Mind of One’s Own”