Voices Haunt Too

I pray that voice to stop forever, The one which keeps haunting me since years, the one that bleats, yells, grunts at a high pitch mode, for its own comfort, for my discomfort. Sounds as if it brays, haven’t heard it speaking. What could be the conception of its poor owner? Can’t scare me forContinue reading “Voices Haunt Too”

Malayalee Diaries

A Mallu by origin and also by traits, I always had chances of being proud when I compare and contrast myself with the kind of people I witness here, in the neighbouring state of Karnataka. Settled here for the last 18 years, even now I have chances of feeling honoured within my conscious mind. HavingContinue reading “Malayalee Diaries”

The Eyes Around Me

Solicitous, thoughtful and attentive, a pair of close-set ring balls encircled me everywhere I went, gazing at everything I did. Never did while young I think more about those beady eyes, I grew up to be under its vision, guessed I need not chase it after, as I had two pairs of such. Her suppressedContinue reading “The Eyes Around Me”


Clowns walk, act, speak to muse us, He entertains while it burns inside. When he thinks, he cries. When he cries, the world around laughs. How does he clean the furnace? The echoes he hear are of the mocking birds. When do those birds sleep? Perhaps never, they add coal to the burner. What isContinue reading “Circus”

Erring Ghosts

Erring is common, but erring always is uncommon. Also it’s uncommon that errors, forever, go unnoticed. If erring is out of ignorance, we all would have thought it to be a bliss. Sure, unacknowledged ignorance can only be considered as a bane. Errors while communicating is very common. More obvious are the errors people commitContinue reading “Erring Ghosts”


Life gave me no choice where I wanted to opt. Gave me what the rest didn’t choose. Asked me to bear with, without knowing what suffering is. Later, it gave me a single choice to live the rest of what is left with. While asking, it told me the choice it gave was to feelContinue reading “Choice”

A Prolonged Wait

The cup-shaped, petal-soft, handsomely virile hands, that awaits to caress her cheeks that had never been patted once, made her dream of them often, feeling exotic in its tender softness. Spreading her hair on them, they getting nuzzled, he whispering love on her ears, the ears that haven’t heard words of love, she would turnContinue reading “A Prolonged Wait”


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