Immortal Beauty

‘Beauty is truth, truth is beauty’-John Keats, Ode to a Grecian Urn. Bathed in the light of my imagination, Soaked in the cloud of truce and tranquillity, Surrounding the aged palms and greens, Lived a female cuckoo with a bubbling beak. Her plaintive call, matched with a nightingale, Suffused my innate sensations with glee. HerContinue reading “Immortal Beauty”

The Gita: The Inspiration

Remember this excerpt from ‘As You Like It,’ All the world’s a stage,And all the men and women merely players;They have their exits and their entrances;And one man in his time plays many parts,His acts being seven ages. Wherein William Shakespeare reduces the role of human beings into ‘merely players?’ A bibliophile would have alreadyContinue reading “The Gita: The Inspiration”

By the Littoral

Touching the swaying refection, That the still water drew roughly on herself, I Sensed a lookalike between the waving me and myself. A feather touch all that’s needed To make oneself evanesce. Did I hear her? I did see her… The portrayal fragmentary to my eyes, Looked whole for any bloodless eyes! The perturbed life,Continue reading “By the Littoral”


What I wish for, what I look for, Regardless of what keeps me run my race, Is just recognition, not fame. Where it comes from, whom it comes from, From minds sincere to see the life in words That I write, that I breathe. Like a smoke whirling and dancing around the fire, My thoughtsContinue reading “FAME”

A Talisman’s Diary

An object, invisible within me, like an intruder to the sensitive me, reset my lost charm. Like a true friend, she initiated the transformation mission within myself. Just like me, she too was true, loveable but stern, bold yet determined. You can be at times crazy too, she said. Well, with whom was my nextContinue reading “A Talisman’s Diary”


The day gave my brain something to chew on. Why humans are inhumane? Why are they ungrateful? How do they let go those who stood by them during critical times ? Why and how do some people change colours just like Chameleons? How can they be so pretentious? At the same time how do theyContinue reading “THE DAY”

The Pursuit

A shadow unheard, unseen, hidden Behind the curtain of my bemused mind, Heaped before my rolling black balls, And then devoured by my self-esteem, Waltzed up:Hey You, The Purpose and The Pursuit, your Aspiration and The Realm, The Path and the Followers, Recognition and The Rapport, The Outcome and The Desire Is the snaky trackContinue reading “The Pursuit”


How do I thank thee? History in black and white Is now colourful. While historians were busy digging an empty hole, you dug a dry land to find the invisible without letting it glide over. Discovered, the invisible became a torrent. Not many can do what you did, read the thanksgiving. A woman alone surpassingContinue reading “Thanksgiving”

A Pair of Effeminate Legs

His legs are streaky, his thoughts are bigoted, His words are sugary, insincere, only frictional. He’s dramatic, thinks he’s capable of creating An impact wave, the waves fail to hit the shore. Thinks himself as an intellectual, imposes himself with the blunt sword made of mud upon the poor folk. Highly ungrateful, floats around tryingContinue reading “A Pair of Effeminate Legs”


Up the ladder of thoughts, Steep through the steps of dreams, Walked I trembling to grab a grip. The poles of the desert waving while grinning, foreshadowed to be stagnant. Sirocco! Those heads within the dancing dunes whistled passing over my destiny! Sudden, I hear nature’s music! Gentle and undefiled, I felt tears in theContinue reading “Dunes”


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