Things I want to Do Once Corona Retreats

While introspecting my lost mind and hence my lost mood, I thought of enlisting a few must do things, so that I can, without further loss of time, start practising once The Virus retreats. Waiting impatiently for the day, we all sing the burial song to pleasingly send it to some graveyard, here is my wish list, hope we have some wishes in common.

  • LAUGH, wholeheartedly. It’s been months together since I laughed and saw the world around me virtually suffering without happiness around. Forgetting the loss of the lost days, the anxiety, fear and depression it gifted to the mankind, we badly need a thorough wash of our brains. Let it be in the form of a laughter.
  • TEACH, I badly miss my dear students. The big, chirping, peaceful campus, the wet rainy days, the monsoon evenings, my desk surrounded by students, the curious eyes in the classes waiting for the classes, the rumouring lots…want to be right there soon, very soon.
  • BID FAREWELL TO THE CORONA SPECIAL CLEANING EXERCISE, Gosh! I am literally tired of sanitising/giving bath to gas cylinders, vegetables, grocery and all the stuff that is being bought. Don’t you do this? Housemaids of mine are also waiting for this nonsense to get over.
  • BREATHE, sure,respiration takes place even now. The fresh air we have plenty in stock in our vicinity, my early morning visit to the temple on my two-wheeler, the cool air… all that I miss is your company. Though pretty used to the use of masks, somewhere in my mind I still remain dissatisfied. I know, even you feel the same!
  • SHOPPING, but only essentials. My frequent visit to watch movies, the lunch at Punjabi Dhaba with one of my friend, the yearly twice central valuation camps, the lunch break window shopping… I do miss you all!
  • FORGET, worries! Whatever worries one may have, workplace is the best cure available to get rid of them. Even physical illness stays away from us when we are at work, I feel. Don’t you?

TRAVEL, though I don’t travel much to be called a Peripatetic, I would like to do travel, in bits and pieces. An early morning long drive on a lazy day to a place less crowded restores energy in us, don’t you think so?

BOOK STORES, to see what latest of my choice is waiting for me. The fresh smell of books is something which my nose would crave for. I really do miss those afternoons, after attending workshops in the morning,where I would directly visit a book stall and greedily buy some fresh arrivals.

Oh God! When are we going to get these small moments of happiness that actually made our lives? What is left with us is only a depressed mind and helpless soul! Hoping for the wait to be soon over…

Published by rekhashivam

Reading and writing is my passion. Philosophy, gender, Fiction, Mystery,Education, Thriller,I prefer these genres. But I must admit I am not a prolific writer. Just that I want to express and feel myself. Honest comments are heartily welcome.

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