Erring Ghosts

Erring is common, but erring always is uncommon. Also it’s uncommon that errors, forever, go unnoticed. If erring is out of ignorance, we all would have thought it to be a bliss. Sure, unacknowledged ignorance can only be considered as a bane. Errors while communicating is very common. More obvious are the errors people commit while writing. No, no, native languages aren’t free from errors, but unfortunately, English has become the victim of prejudiced minded hands. I sometimes enjoy looking at the pretension of people as encyclopedias, some, as Thesaurus.

A variety of encyclopedias I know assume that the world around them wouldn’t function without their ‘valuable contributions.’ Their list of ‘contributors’ includes not many even when the whole world knows their contribution is only towards their own pockets, which are wide enough to absorb public property. Whatever important they write belong to the bygone era, without realising that the age has come forward. Neither do they recognise the efficient. Efficiency is measured in terms of the capacity to absorb the reality of the ideas, not in performing what they think is right.

Another group of ‘experts’ believe what they write is true, others can’t be . It many times happen with you when you spot some major errors in some important drafts which gets publically posted, and out of your concern, you report the same to those individuals concerned, they simply reject you and your theory of errors! Your intention could be to save the face of that which matters, but you’re never welcome. To some, it simply doesn’t matter. How can you take the public for granted? There could be a few who choose to live out of fool’s paradise. Well, Paradise is lost to many Satans , without a fight. Getting the work done somehow may not save their reputation, it’s perfection that matters. You too may have this question, what’s wrong in asking something which one doesn’t know? There’s also this variety who will come to you politely to draft few of their things, once it’s done, pose as if it’s their self creation.

I have also come across some unauthorised translators! You simply wonder when they translate your ideas into native languages with minor modifications and get it published in some local newspapers. How long can one depend on someone else’s ideas?

You hit accidentally on some self proclaimed laureates! You need to control yourself without laughing aloud when you see them posing to be the god of literature itself and wonder yourself, well, mercy on God, they can spell literature. How can they take those who’re around to be fools? Better not to profess big sounding sentences when one actually doesn’t hold that title of being that B in Big. Another common sight is of those who think they can improve on your writing. You might have erred, if more erring is the one who improve it on, then? Think, answer and act.

Some don’t realise where they stand, the need to upgrade the quality of their thoughts, let alone they themselves. The question is, how can we set all these categories right? Few may still stand far beyond the right thoughts. The rest can think of the remedies. Learn right, think right, speak right( though the topic is left untouched), write right, teach right. When one’s doubtful, never mind to learn from a person who knows it right. Hypocrisy will be of no help in the process of learning. Let’s possess a mind to do things rightly, so that learning takes us towards the edge of perfection.

Published by rekhashivam

Reading and writing is my passion. Philosophy, gender, Fiction, Mystery,Education, Thriller,I prefer these genres. But I must admit I am not a prolific writer. Just that I want to express and feel myself. Honest comments are heartily welcome.

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