My Experiments with a Professional Satire

Character shaming a certain character who is worse than Brutus and Cassius put together is no sin: This is the norm I carry throughout my write-up as the character I am going to focus on, deserves nothing more than that. Well, though it is a second hand personal experience, I thought I better narrate it as a story, so that the person may not directly confront me and file a case of defamation😂 against me. I leave the decision of judgement of the character to you my dear readers, though I doubt I can effectively portray that character, my confrontation with the character on a regular basis can nowhere match your judgement of the character’s nature of behaviour. He’s simply a silent killer!

One of my friend who works in a private institution as a teacher is generally very outspoken and bold especially in dealing with her colleagues of whom a few are talented and the rest belonging to the family of traitors whose class I already mentioned in the first paragraph. She has a nice rapport with the students and the students too liked her for her attitude, approach and obviously teaching! She has better organisational skills too which she proved time and again. She was instrumental in introducing and organising many programmes for the all round development of the student community. No matter what, students had the habit of approaching her and share their academic and sometimes personal matters, sometimes even without a solution. When I said involvement, it was inclusive of the students and nobody else. The heads who should have physically involved in the running of the many programmes failed to do that, some pretended as if they morally lend their support, but she was no fool to believe them and never did, even once.

Especially after the conduction of a certain programme (I remember she having confessed to me), one among her colleagues, The Tail(according to her, that’s what he lacks) , after recovering from an illness has slightly changed his views on her which before that was not very impressive. The Tail is more of a lady than a man( not biologically) to my friend. He adorns his position as someone who’s designated, but in effect fails to do the primary functions than the secondary and the least important ones. Whenever scenes of crisis arises, he simply vacates the place with a shameful art.In front of her he praises her and in her absence or just behind her,he ridicules. The expressions with which he does the ridiculing art only suits him and hence no other Male.

Truly speaking he should have permanently remembered her service to the wing and hence to the institution, as not a single soul than her, worked, not even he himself. Acknowledging that, was his primary duty at least when there were times to speak out. But a coward never would use such forums rather he would try to satisfy everybody. Satisfying those under him is a must, provided they deserve it. Power can be used for the best alternatives, dear The Tail. Getting all the things done for no recognition is nowhere in the books of HR, I suppose.

The Tail has a trusted friend in Ms. Loudmouth. Their chemistry really works🤣. Believe me, not a single character escapes from their tortures! When I promised to write for my friend, I also swore her of maintaining a certain decorum while bringing out their original selves.

No one in the world is perfect, we speak about others but when it exceeds the limit of dignity, to demoralise the right, don’t always win hearts. When our misdeeds exceed The Supreme would definitely hit us down. Hitting once is a warning. If that doesn’t become a new page in our lives, that warning can have different shapes. Good, if all of us remember the simple truths of our little lives and REVIVE! To tell you frankly, they have helped her in exhibiting their false identity and she got to know what kind of people actually exist in this WORLD, and prepare herself to deal with such people further in her life.

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Reading and writing is my passion. Philosophy, gender, Fiction, Mystery,Education, Thriller,I prefer these genres. But I must admit I am not a prolific writer. Just that I want to express and feel myself. Honest comments are heartily welcome.

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