The Future of Education

Before tossing what could be the possible future of education, better we give another thought to its present. I remember someone telling me very recently that the worst hit sector under the present situational challenge is the hospitality sector. While giving a second and continuous thought to that remark, I felt that the educational sector too is at par with the hospitality sector if that be the case. I have had questions when children irrespective of their performance got promoted to the nth level and everywhere you go, you could see the wrong ones in the right positions. There was a time when only the capable had places above and the careless and incapable had to maintain their position of status quo. In that fear of losing, they always tried to come up to perform adopting their own means.

The present education system has been so degrading that peerless wisdom, the overall ability and performance is not recognised, if there are some good figures on his marks card, then BINGO! Money plays a key role in today’s education. Education is analogous to a flight of stairs. While climbing, if you skip one stair, THUD! You might have seen many advertisements in media about colleges or institutions that is ready to launch students “DIRECTLY TO CLASS 12” . One and two and similar progressions are quintessential to reach twelve. Had they realised it! The idea of promoting the students irrespective of their quality has created a mess everywhere at least in India. Whatever could be the medium of education, unless it enables the student worthy enough to write sentences meaningful and grammatically well constructed, how can we expect them write paragraphs and essays at least in their answer script? The system has never made them walk straight without creeping. We were busy drawing boundaries to limit their thoughts. How many of the them were taught to think?

Some of them even become teachers with the necessary training cleared with a distinction. When they ‘contribute’ to the educational sector, the needy becomes virtually paralysed. Such generations being injected over so many years has upturned the entire system. Our students graduate and post graduate without the necessary academic, communication, and life skills. At least a few of them feel for their positions and try to excel in their own areas of interest. They need to, as the system doesn’t allow them to outwit itself. Along with facts, they are made to stand within the outline drawn by teachers with varying skills. It’s high time some among them should realise what the students need is seriousness in dealing the subject, sincerity without distinction and teachers who have quality.

Teachers who teach literature can certainly go beyond the spelling of the subject😆. Pretension of having mastery or translation expertise to the language they think the students can easily follow, will never have a stake in the minds of students in the long run. Even after having a hold over language and literature, if the teacher lacks seriousness and sincerity, students may not choose them over the best. All these remain limitations only when the students’ judgements are right. For good judgement, they need maturity and reasoning skill which again is the outcome of a good education. To teach, skill and depth in the subject is required, not wasted years of experience. I wonder why they themselves do not realise and analyse this and I wish at least somebody understood this! Students, at least a few, definitely understand better than some do.

With the quick adaptation of online mode of teaching, the only thread that existed between the students and the teacher has lost its sanctity. With educational institutions under a long shut down for fear of suspected spread of the disease, has again risked the imparting of quality based education, though on a base level. Whatever could be the percentage taught through online mode, it will have its implications on an average Indian student. While everyone cries for the adaptation of IT infrastructure, let’s also cry for quality. It’s not the coverage that matters, it’s the real number under coverage that actually matters.

When the present is so, how better could be our future? No, no, I am not against what you call progress. Just that I feel for the generation now and the generation next, which actually makes me feel bitten. Let’s progress with progressive thinking and quality based education. In this process we may have to add and subtract certain things and numerous faces, let us not feel for it. A better future is in store when the ones who are authorised realise this!

Published by rekhashivam

Reading and writing is my passion. Philosophy, gender, Fiction, Mystery,Education, Thriller,I prefer these genres. But I must admit I am not a prolific writer. Just that I want to express and feel myself. Honest comments are heartily welcome.

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