Understanding the Real Realities

While making an attempt to understand the prime realities underlying human relationships, I arrived at a few conclusions which sound easy though little uneasy it makes us feel. Why not the process start from controlling human anger was my question. Yes, again I am taking you to the same space of your mind where you bury every anxious thoughts of anger, frustration and the consequent stress. To pluck these emotions even before they sprout in the lowest layer of our mind, shall we simply wear a smile? A smile, though artificial reduces the amount of anger, to experts. A smile that used to be at the brink of our lips once, at the moment vanished and vanquished somehow by technology that is immortal. Can’t we get it back?

Getting rid of the anger is through self control. When one look at the brighter side of things, without digging into its dull aspects would help him carry that smile along. The ultimate outcome of an incident may not be pleasing, but a deep analysis would help you find a minimum of a set of favourable aspects. To make the majority aspects favourable, keep the try on with a cool head and a warm mind. Develop the will to control anger, understand the uselessness of anger. A simple negligence to the situations that cause anger would also help one manage the occasion without any shouting.

The approach one develops towards their work or any sort of assignment can be quiet,gentle and loving. I mean, one can avoid haste so that work can be enjoying and satisfying though it could be tiring at times. Grumbling and anger can be kept at a little distance. Forcing oneself to shut their mouth, sealing their lips with a resolution not to react angrily would definitely help one sail through the coarse water. Be a good listener and feel for their problems and pains. Sympathise with them and respect their feelings and emotions presuming yourself to be in their shoes. A kind heart and mild, loving words can steal the attraction of people, I swear.

As far as possible let one try to understand the person at the other end. True understanding comes with the spirit of humility. An understanding heart and the feeling of empathy would make one a human than becoming a silent spectator to the multi situational problems faced by others. A self analysis would benefit one in a number of ways. How much above or below one feel than the other is the parameter which I deployed here to say that anyone can face any unpredictable situation any time. Than showing an angry face, it’s always better if we sympathise and foresee ourselves at that dangerous spot sooner or later.

Knowing oneself better, I mean self-awareness can turn one to a better individual. Acknowledging one’s limitations can always make an individual, conscious and this would help his mind to remind and warn him to take enough precautions to do the assigned task without faults. This would avoid meeting with expected anger dosage.

Accept the truth…if you’re at fault consent with a promise to do it the way the other expected you to have done it. Shouting back with an innocent face and pretentious, curvature d remarks wouldn’t help much. Have integrity in your thoughts and words. Be responsible for what you do and say.With all these management tricks, you can walk a long away alone, being calm and peaceful yet different.

Published by rekhashivam

Reading and writing is my passion. Philosophy, gender, Fiction, Mystery,Education, Thriller,I prefer these genres. But I must admit I am not a prolific writer. Just that I want to express and feel myself. Honest comments are heartily welcome.

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