Mind: A Frenzy Friend

You may not have a different opinion and would second me when I state that the present era is the most advanced phase of human civilisation though its major counterpart, i.e. human being has lost his mind and hence his soul. Yes, we stand at the zenith of all sorts of advancement, but why:

Are we not satisfied with ourselves?

Do the feeling of unfulfillment still pursue most of us?

Is there a thrive for Meditation Centres?

Do the people search ways and means to control their mind?

Do people search for spirituality? Who knows the in and outs of the thing called mind? The great saint of Vedic India, Swami Vivekananda, analysed and devised methods through which one can control it. India’s spiritual literature helps man to control his mind in a lucid manner. According to it, management of emotions and stress, thinking ability, meditation and spirituality helps man win over his mind.

“Spirituality is not for empty belly-” says Swami Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.

A person who’s empty minded and empty hearted can’t swallow even a bit of spirituality. When one’s basic physical needs are not taken care of, the mind can’t lift itself from the body and reach higher spheres of life like religion, knowledge, wisdom, arts and science. When a man is fed and educated and employed, he invites new troubles like indiscipline, recklessness, wasting time, poor social ability, taking things to heart than required etc. All this creates stress and pressure.

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds-” Albert Einstein. The same spirit motivated Madam Curie invent Radium though the experts agreed upon the fact that discovering it was an impossible idea. The same spirit enables one overcome the adversities of life and use them in a manner to convert those adversities into successful realities.A mind can be harnessed and trained to be calm and devoid of unnecessary anxieties.

How to win over our minds? how to manage them without getting over stressed?How to master our minds? Not everyone can do it, it’s an art. That’s why there’s a universal appeal, regardless of East or West, for means to control the mind. Every step we take in this regard is a kind of bliss. Regular practice of yoga , especially Pranayam(all the kinds) gives us a satisfying mind and hence a peaceful soul. Calm mind is a medium through which our intellectual power gains considerably. The ability to look at things and persons without unnecessary comments and criticisms without condemning anybody is the gradual outcome of attaining mental equilibrium.

The real fuss is that mind do not act according to our will. It becomes sad when we want it to be happy, it feels excited sometimes, sometimes restless and vigorous when we want it to function cool. But have you noticed your mind warning you when you undertake wrong endeavours, guides you when you keep analysing and asking what is to be done and what not to be? Then understand, our mind is our pleasant companion we can always be trusted upon and live upon.

Training our minds is the only solution to end the problems of a whirling mind. Depending on the nature of your mind you should tutelage it. Yoga, meditation, chanting of hymns and powerful mantras, spirituality, a piece of art, music all these are means you can tutor it.

“If I had to do my education over again, and had any voice in the matter, I would not study facts at all. I would develop the power of concentration and detachment, and then with a perfect instrument I would collect facts at will. Side by side, in a child should be developed the power of concentration and detachment.” Shall we remember this statement of swami Vivekananda?

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Reading and writing is my passion. Philosophy, gender, Fiction, Mystery,Education, Thriller,I prefer these genres. But I must admit I am not a prolific writer. Just that I want to express and feel myself. Honest comments are heartily welcome.

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