Lessons to Be Revised : Are We Ready?

When the nation is partly easing the lock-down in phases starting from tomorrow, many questions remain unanswered even after their repeated toasting. As those are questions to be answered within ourselves, a macro resolution by the masses would be more appreciable than thithering it from one end to another. These are questions sprouted in my mind like fresh mushrooms, before it dies I thought I will ask you, so that I also can plan better and admire at your wise decisions.

Are we returning to the time of our ancestors where there were absolutely no technologies or social media to connect with each other, but only mutual interactions through individual meetings? Yes, I mean a reversible reaction! Small get-together s under a banyan tree in the centre of some village helped them stay in touch with the humblest of their attitude, with no distinction based on cast, creed or race, no communal bias, there used to be the exchange of ideas, mutual lending and borrowing of intellectual thoughts. The Indian villages used to be universities of humanities, commerce, language and science. They were centres of protocooperation, intraspecific interactions. They used to be the centres of rich trade too. You remember the wealthy India at the time of British invasion, had it been that time , for a moment I wished.

When we stand at the peak of technological advancement, we forgot everything taught to us, everything we learnt. We misused what perhaps could have been an addition if used carefully. We used it as a means of revenge , to destroy what is around us , to defame and belittle others. An infant is born to be an inevitable part of this technology. Time was scarcely available and we ran from early morning till mid-night. Some of us hardly slept, being under pressure. We remained workaholic. We had no time for ourselves, for our family, for those around us, for petting our pets when they came running to us, wanting for love. We spent our time(if left) to see the new posts our social media friends have made, we hardly read. Some may differ, yes, you read on your mobile applications. That smell of a fresh book, that excitement while getting a book on our hands, we gradually forgot what we should not have.

The Virus has taught us lessons for future. At least few of us started looking at other’s face, smiling at each other. When lock-down affected some very badly, leaving them no option to live further, we sympathised with them. We also felt for the agony and helplessness of daily bread winners. Being confined, we wanedt to get out and mingle. When social or self distancing became a norm, we wanted to socially connect in person. Families are having their face/bonding time. We have had our festivals and food together.We are gradually strengthening our social and individual relations. We dusted some of the old books from our shelves, we browsed through the pages of an old family album.We still have plenty of time left with. We have time to visit temples, but God has distanced us. We learnt to eat home made food, we’ve bid goodbye to street food, we don’t order food online. No shopping, some stopped eating animals too. we have time to pet our pets as they were the only friends we had during lockdown. We have time to garden, we have time to pet and nurture plants. We have time to care for our long distance relatives or family friends, to chat and speak. Quality of the air has considerably increased as a result of which we received pre- monsoon rains. Goddess Earth with all her affection has bore all our unforgivable sins, she may not, further.

The year 2020, may not be a productive year, but indeed it’s an eye-opener. The year has stopped to take a U-turn to teach us to live with face masks and sanitisers. It has warned us of the consequences of living blindly. We are in a state where we have everything at our disposal, but nothing at hand.This state of affairs should not be repeated, let’s learn to live without being greedy and mean. Let’s realise that we are not permanent assets of Mother Earth. She has many other children whom she’s bound to take care of. She just taught us, “too much is too bad.”

Published by rekhashivam

Reading and writing is my passion. Philosophy, gender, Fiction, Mystery,Education, Thriller,I prefer these genres. But I must admit I am not a prolific writer. Just that I want to express and feel myself. Honest comments are heartily welcome.

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