Smudged Vision

Standing in front of the mirror, Priya glared at herself,her drained face and fatigued figure, which appeared to her like the lampoon of a circus troupe. The exhausted day she had might have reflected on herself, she thought. Thinking further she addressed herself, all the days she had the same schedule, same sleepless nights, how is it that she felt herself more drained out ,that day? As any lady would like to think, she also thought it could be because of her smudged vision. For the vision to be clear, one needs clarity, not an ophthalmologist, she hissed. I, who had a well-defined vision could hardly become half blind so sudden, she relaxed. Without any movement Priya stared at her own eyes. No, nothing can change my outlook, nobody can blemish my vision, she decided. She just presumed what perhaps might have blocked her vision.

She was just into herself more and more, without looking around. She just saw what she wanted to see, what she would like to see. She heard many voices around, but hearing some sounds she thought, was sheer waste of time. There are people around who would scream, shout, scatter and mutter about for fame, trying to redeem some personalities whom they don’t appreciate much, listening to all of them is like killing your senses! In her effort to concentrate more on what she thought inevitable to her, she unheard some of the important voices. She decided to widen her spectrum. Then how to avoid those irksome, unpleasant voices? She determined to be again deaf, towards them. She allowed her vision to move zigzaggingly, than letting them to wander linearly.

The little cleared vision of her then told her not to chase for money. Money can substitute things and people, but it does create barricades which hinder their easy movement sometimes. How, she enquired. With a grin the mirror replied,’ it’s because it blocks your inner vision.’ Elaborating further, it explained her that pathetic process of money madness. Chasing money, people do everything possible to explore ways of accumulating it. When luxuries add to their coziness, they only looked at people either being rich or poor. What defines success is your social status, what decides your status is the money and luxury you have, what an irony! Shamefacedly she stared at herself, trying to clear her vision.

Then what defines success? She asked her smudged reflection. Do you have friends, I mean trustworthy friends, it asked. Roaring laughing, she asked her reflection to remove the adjective it used to describe her friends. Having known it before, it stood by her helplessness in that matter. Unite human, possess trustworthiness. These two lets you grow up healthily, it said. Priya was lost in thoughts again.

In ancient times, people though lacked academic education, had a non-differential attitude. They had high moral values, their outlook was more clear. They led a life based on Vedas, Epics…they were god-fearing. Priya remembered her great grand parents, who were respected all over for their wisdom and humanity. Perhaps, those two should move parallel in a human, she finalised.

Ashamedly, she thought of her own generation and the generations yet to come. No self- fear, no repentance, nothing…Suddenly she vanished from the sight of the mirror, and got back within no time with a piece of cloth and clean water to wipe off the smoky shades of the mirror. Wonder! when she glared at herself again in the mirror, she appeared crystal clear to herself as an angel.

Published by rekhashivam

Reading and writing is my passion. Philosophy, gender, Fiction, Mystery,Education, Thriller,I prefer these genres. But I must admit I am not a prolific writer. Just that I want to express and feel myself. Honest comments are heartily welcome.

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