A Feminist Mind

Speaking of a mind may seem easy, but speaking of a mind owned by a feminist seems to be time consuming. Framing a critical study could be rather easy than making an untrue effort to understand her mind. When she tries to express herself, when she reasons, when she inquires, when she tries to be equal or taller, when she believes in herself, and ultimately when she proves herself…a feminist as she’s labelled by the public, is in the making.

The particular way in which a mind receives treatment given by those around is purely judgemental. Why is it that a girl , as a child and in phases later has to hear reminders about her gender limiting her capabilities, freedom of movement, adaptability and face restrictions? Both the sex is bound by restrictions, but more blessed is a girl when she’s the only one empowered with numerous divine ‘weapons’. I have had questions in my mind when the elderly ladies in our joint family said a girl shouldn’t sleep until too late in the morning! If she does break taboos, it causes destruction to the whole family! If she has a brother, only she is expected to make most of the adjustments. Why is it that she has to function within a frame and multi-sacrifice?Haven’t you had questions?

There are many who are willing to surrender. They have already accepted it as the way of their life, and then curse fate! Fate is what you create for yourself, you can always alter it. You need not fight for your space, if it’s provided. Unless, you may have to keep that spirit of regaining the lost space.

When Virginia Woolf spoke of her struggle to fight with a certain phantom and establish her own identity as a woman writer killing the Angel of the House to make a room of her own, despite of her wealthy origin in the 20th century, we all admired her. Also remember the classic feminist literary criticism, The Madwoman in the Attic, portraying women’s identity in female fiction and poetry by Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar. They showcase how the Victorian female writers, just as the male writers, were lost to deal only with the two stereotypical faces of women characters, Angels and Monsters. Contextually, I remembered these bibles.

Starve a person, break his flesh
until he is reduced
to skin and bones, 
and yet he will live
with attention.          
I must linger on,
trapped in immorality,
my only freedom being
the freedom to decompose.  ( Kamala Das: Composition)

Shall we decompose thus? When are we becoming sensible? How are we trying to be ourselves? This is not a cry or fight, when we mutually respect the worthiness in human, accept every body as part of it, we may not have to let out further cries. Till then let’s speak of our minds…

“But this freedom is only a beginning-the room is your own, but it’s still bare. It has to be furnished;it has to be decorated;it has to be shared. How are you going to furnish it, how are you going to decorate it? With whom are you going to share it, and upon what terms? These I think are questions of the utmost importance and interest.” (Professions for Women- a speech Virginia Woolf gave on January 21, 1931, for the National Society for Women’s Service).

Published by rekhashivam

Reading and writing is my passion. Philosophy, gender, Fiction, Mystery,Education, Thriller,I prefer these genres. But I must admit I am not a prolific writer. Just that I want to express and feel myself. Honest comments are heartily welcome.

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