My Fluffy Blanket

She hid my distress to herself,
Consoled my grieving heart while I wept,
Soaked in my tears with her warm,coarse hands,
Sheltered my dreams under her angelic wings,
Fenced my dull, dark-some days and nights,
Shielded my worries when aggravated,
Fended me while I was sick,
Safeguarded my fanciful fantasies;
About the man of my dreams,
She chuckled with me when I did,
Vowed to canopy our nights together;
Concealed from the world and cradle 
My tender emotions,
            Safe, unhurt and intact.

Published by rekhashivam

Reading and writing is my passion. Philosophy, gender, Fiction, Mystery,Education, Thriller,I prefer these genres. But I must admit I am not a prolific writer. Just that I want to express and feel myself. Honest comments are heartily welcome.

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