Noisy Friends

Endlessly I have yearned for crazy, messy friends of my own who would irritate me for no reason, stay with me whenever I desired them to,eat with me, sing for me, but not follow me. My prayers have been answered, for I have plenty of these one- of- a- kind hyper-active Andaman Nicobar Bulbuls( the list finally gets longer) as my friends. It all started with these guests of mine(a pair of them) building a nest in the hanging pot right in front of my front door, years back. My daughter affectionately named them as Mama Bird and Papa Bird when she was a school going kid and now all of us address them either by that name or yet another modern name which she excavated from her pretty big brain,’ Whistley’🤦‍♀️ . To say,even before, I had noticed her around , rather I was addicted to the amazing musical notes of her beautiful song which traverse in varied pitches and her graceful neck movements, when she twists and turns. To be very true, they are elegantly beautiful. The crown, the small stream lined body, the light orange shade below the seed shaped bulging eyes and also on the interior part of her beautiful tail, oh! they are just lovely! As they were my permanent guests who often would fly in pairs, I kept serving them with food and water.

On early mornings, they would sit on my mango tree or guava and would call out on top of their voice for food. Fruits, especially bananas are their personal favourite. They also relished a noon delight, rice. The Mama bird would bring dried leaves and grass, sticks on her tiny beak, adjust it so carefully that it fits in the pot and the Papa bird would assist her do that and monitor. Once it’s done, she would sit to lay eggs and further later she would sit until it’s hatched. The next stage is she feeding her young ones until they are capable of flying. The young ones, even after growing up, would come to feed on my food and water trays. I exactly do not remember how many younger generations are there together, grandparents, parents and children, all of them look alike to me though my little devil😂 can slightly differentiate some. These days Mama Bird preferred for a change while building her nest, instead of pots, she has built as many nests as there are cups in the big fancy light on my first floor. Perhaps she prefers a less disturbed environment.

I have many visitors since morning till late evening , none of them are humans . Magpies, squirrels, cuckoos, greater coucals, crows, sometimes butterflies too savour my food. They share food and believe in the theory of co-existence, habitually. Never did I see her fly in single, she peeked in with her mate by her side. Lessons for humans! No wonder I feel loved with them by my side…

Published by rekhashivam

Reading and writing is my passion. Philosophy, gender, Fiction, Mystery,Education, Thriller,I prefer these genres. But I must admit I am not a prolific writer. Just that I want to express and feel myself. Honest comments are heartily welcome.

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