A Memoir

Calling off her oblivious days of the past , Kamala always loved to go for yet another trek, with a little load of memories on her back. Tomorrow is April 14th,she sighed. Yet another Vishu without her Father. As she returned from the office, a day before, her mother had called her to remind her of the upcoming celebratory event. She couldn’t tell her mother that all these, now appears pointless to her. Kamala always had reasons of her own to justify her insane mind.

Kamala had an elder brother, who was settled abroad. As a young girl, Kamala was accustomed to her mother’s injudicious, apparent inclination towards her brother. She finally thought of a day when her mother would realise her integrity and reliability. ‘Never would such a thing happen’…she had let it go, long before itself. Though her brother had liking towards his family, except towards his daughter, he was always egoistic, too much, rather. He always ordered, and others, unless obeyed, was kept away from his vision. Of late, Kamala found it really difficult to be submissive always, nobody can continue to be so, constantly…

He had stopped talking to Kamala last year itself. She had questions on what led her brother to take such a decision, now she didn’t even care. She recalled how he regularly called her and spoke so authoritatively, especially on family matters. He had sent his daughter to Kamala’s place, last year, on Kamala’s request, to coach her clear her 12th grade. Being a gadget addict, also due to lack of proper guidance, she had failed in her first attempt to clear the examinations. kamala had real difficulties in mending the girl’s routine and character to finally help her sail through her syllabus and pass her compartment examination.

Kamala again called off her brother’s vocal tone when he called to inform her of the news of declaration of 12th grade compartment results of his daughter. But nothing went beyond it…soon he stopped calling her or talking to her. She smelt something fishy in the behaviour of her mother and her brother too, but never bothered much. Kamala had seen both of them whispering, plotting enough since her childhood, she wasn’t oblivious, but was indifferent. One need not be over worried, she knew unless they have not done anything…time is the best teacher, it will replace everything in its own place. But she realised the greatest truth, not even blood relations prove to be one’s comrade forever.

Unwillingly though, Kamala searched through her phone contacts to find out the number of her friend who always brings Golden Shower Tree Flowers. She wished those bright golden yellowish flowers, to brighten up the egoistic minds…

Published by rekhashivam

Reading and writing is my passion. Philosophy, gender, Fiction, Mystery,Education, Thriller,I prefer these genres. But I must admit I am not a prolific writer. Just that I want to express and feel myself. Honest comments are heartily welcome.

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