The Smell of the First Rain

Since a week, the sky was cloudy giving symptoms of a possible rain, even then quite humid and in breaks, the blazing Sun showed his victory over the hesitating clouds. It may rain soon, Priya murmured to herself. She had just got back from her work, lazily completing her chores that always waited only for her to complete them.

‘Today I must sleep at least an hour early than as late as midnight,’ she once again whispered. She prepared tea for her kids and for herself, asking the whining kids to have it along with biscuits. She sometimes found it too troublesome to meet the never ending demands of her epicurean husband and equally gluttonous children.

Had they offered a helping hand to her while she overworks, she would not have felt offended…’what’s for dinner Mama’, the children kept trying her patience for the nth time. To avoid the irritating kids, she said she would prepare Chapathi(wheat flour circles) and Paneer(frozen cubes made of milk) by 8 pm. Sounds of glee came out of their mouth, the moment she had said that.

Cleaning the stove and the kitchen top, she chopped vegetables for next day early morning, before- going- to- work cooking exercises. Then , sitting on the kitchen floor, she kneaded the wheat flour to prepare Chapathis, kept aside for the dough to settle and again chopped onions and tomatoes for the spicy Paneer gravy. Then, applying oil on her hair for a bath, she sensed that she was earlier than usual.

When she had finished her evening prayers, she asked her kids to finish with their school assignments hurriedly, without keeping them for late hours. She succeeded in making them do it, on her way back to kitchen, she heard something dropping on the asbestos sheets of their front yard,roofed to resist the sunlight. She ran outside, leaving the children to mind themselves.

Might be the some prank of the children of the neighbouring houses , she thought to herself. But it’s too dark now, that they might have returned their homes. On reaching the balcony she suddenly felt elated to see cloudburst and ice pellets hitting her roof. Her mind danced like a peacock and she ran out to pick those pellets. Rubbing it against her face, she spoke to the rain drops. All her worries ebbed away and merrily she stood under the rain, how long, she didn’t know.

Priya never got a chance to pet her emotions. As it is, her emotions had no place in that house. No one ever cared to notice the existence of such a human with natural human instinct, in that house, they all thought she should show more generosity and set herself as an example of self-sacrifice. For a moment, Priya felt nauseous.

‘Mama, its’ almost eight and we’re done with our homework. And hungry too…’ the children started throwing tantrums. Unwillingly, Priya, still drenching out, packing all her emotions of romance and merriment, rushed inside. She doubted if she flushed while recalling her passionate thoughts.

Published by rekhashivam

Reading and writing is my passion. Philosophy, gender, Fiction, Mystery,Education, Thriller,I prefer these genres. But I must admit I am not a prolific writer. Just that I want to express and feel myself. Honest comments are heartily welcome.

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