Digi- Relations

I often wonder how even the thickest of human relations have changed corresponding to its call, from ‘era’. A large sect among us name it as transformation, I would even go to the extent of calling it as a Metamorphosis. The process I mentioned later, biologically, is an enticing, beauteous procedure, inevitable for the maintenance of Eco-system, but the one I am referring to here is an outcome, which if desired is avoidable still not aesthetically pleasing.

I remember those bygone times where everything went on manually, as much as anything. The feel of an Indian Festival created so much of a festive mood among the entire local people that everyone’s face brimmed with excitement and all of them looked too religious. Children as a group pastured the nearby meadows to collect the religiously significant plants and flowers for worship . They too had a vital part, none were exempted from their customary chores, even the super senior citizens. They had a major say in everything, in fact nothing went against their wish. As clean as a whistle, the menu for the feast was shortlisted by them.Now that I think back to, their role is reduced to the corner of an attic. When huge social get-together or parties have paved the way for those kind of ancient, customary celebrations, we can only visualize their tired, abandoned looks. Children are either objects of status or an addition to nuisance value. Modern childhood is armed with extremely updated gadgets, and it’s there where it ends.

From the telephonic era, we have moved towards the android era. The thrill of booking a trunk call on our land phone and that wait for the call to be connected, still makes our heart skip a beat. Gradually we laddered on basic mobile phones and the thought of those long talks with our family members, kith and kin is yet again spellbinding. Android age,video calls and what not, nuclear families have transformed into nano families with nano significance to relations. The kind of connection children have with their mothers, siblings have mutually, grandchildren have with their grandparents is digitized. Ego, attitude,competitive approach have also ‘progressed’ to be digitized. I-always- think-big- attitude is just to make others feel you-are-always-wrong.

Time is scarcely with anyone, so let’s learn to respect others acknowledging that they too have scarcity. Let’s believe what perhaps can be true. Let’s appreciate the small,little good things in others. Let’s also not think that only we can be possibly true. Let’s identify possible Brutuses and also Lady Macbeths . Moreover let’s learn to BEHAVE! Let’s SAVE and be STATIC tightening our holds on this DIGI-RELATIONS, not permitting them to pass on to another major epoch!

Published by rekhashivam

Reading and writing is my passion. Philosophy, gender, Fiction, Mystery,Education, Thriller,I prefer these genres. But I must admit I am not a prolific writer. Just that I want to express and feel myself. Honest comments are heartily welcome.

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