Awakening, But Does it Prolong?

While majority is busy playing a safe ‘hide and seek’ behest the pandemic, a minority, especially Media friends, is found analyzing or asking questions of common concerns which are worth billion dollars. As time (otherwise, the Villain) has taken the shape of a straight line, I thought I would also join that minority and launch a few more onto you.

We often talk about “brain drain’ which kept happening, keeps happening. As Mother India couldn’t and possibly can’t (to them) accommodate her brainy children, there they went in search of safe, hygienic, platinum pastures. Well…no objections are raised against your assertion on those adjectives with which you introduce the migrant country, but one – safety! The headline of a news channel read, “To the researchers, people in India are safer or at less risk than in any others from the New Virus threat.” How can anyone expect a child to be safe away from its mother? Right now, how many among her affectionate children desire desperately to be with her, but kept away? How many of them would have momentarily thought there could have been better decisions, had they thought wise? Well…this is the apt time, let our mother celebrate on her righteous ‘brain gain.’ If you still think you miss something over there, or you’re well settled in your la la land, then we all sing glory to you!

Shifting the focus to the evergreen humanitarian concerns, I happen to remember the remark of someone very recently, gone are those days when you pose, ‘look human, I just landed from Germany by the morning flight.’ And you look at him with awe and ask in turn, ‘How’s the weather there?’ the way of welcoming has transformed now! Await is over and imagine you’re back…As the same person rightly sympathized a day ago, your own family dispel you, you’re even emotionally distanced! Time too, takes a reverse turn…

Long live our ‘Desi Kitchens!’ hang out, lunch , drink or dine, when the New Gen and working lots resort to the fast and super delicious street food, they never bothered to check on the hygiene of those ‘delicious’ ingredients, water used to add to the delicacy or even the surrounding. Shall we now improve our eating habits?

I feel, this wretched situation is the inevitable consequence of our foolishness,. We neither did believe in the simple theory of CO-EXISTENCE. We never approve of the fact that Earth belongs to other living beings too, if someone less owned, secondarily possessed, it’s us. Kindness, tolerance and morality is fast disappearing from the very face of earth. If we do not allow the eco-system to balance, the system itself, in the form of many microbes can torture us to scary death, Yorkers which bounce and will send you to the pavilion!

Aren’t we taught wholesomely by the greatest teacher, Nature? Shall we not be greedy? Can we learn the pleasures of togetherness? Do we really learn to be better humans? Does the learning prolong? Time must answer this…and soon it will!


Published by rekhashivam

Reading and writing is my passion. Philosophy, gender, Fiction, Mystery,Education, Thriller,I prefer these genres. But I must admit I am not a prolific writer. Just that I want to express and feel myself. Honest comments are heartily welcome.

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